We offer a 12 step marketing plan to get your home marketed, with the maximum possible amount of internet reach.  We have leveraged technology and leveraged the internet to provide your home maximum exposure for the least amount of cost.

Simply put, we have found several ways to attract buyers and other agents by using the internet, which is where almost 90% of buyers begin their search, and the only place that other agents find the homes to suggest to their buyers.

How does our program differ from what I am already doing to market my home?

Great question, the first reason is the ability to “reverse prospect in the MLS.”  Once a property is listed with an agent, and is in the MLS, the property specifics are automatically matched to the 1000′s of agents who have set up a specific search for their buyers.  This gives my team the opportunity to present, or force feed if you will, your listing on a daily basis.   Even if you are listed in the MLS already, it is a proven fact that buyer agents are leery of speaking with the seller directly.  It poses liability risk to the agent and the broker of the company that most agents avoid.

The second reason is the amount of marketing that is created at little or no cost to us by simply using the tools that are available to us and leveraging the avenues in which my team can expose your property.

Using sites such as…

Realtor.com , Realestate.com, MLS, linkedIn, facebook,  twitter, trulia, zillow, activerain,  craigslist, backpage, eBay classifieds and many more!

In addition to all this marketing and more, we also place a tracking code on the majority of our ads so you can see which ads are getting buyer traffic and how many people are being exposed to your home.

These are just a few examples of what eXp Realty and the Morrissey Team are able to do to get your home sold with maximum exposure for the least amount of cost to you, which means more money in your pocket