Why use a Buyer Agent.

A Buyer’s Agent represents the Buyer’s best interests and is bound by law to keep their information confidential from the Sellers and their representatives (Listing Agents). As a licensee, I am bound by Code of Ethics and the Laws based on that code. I take this very seriously. As your agent, you entrust me with a personal and confidential information key to being able to negotiate the very best price for you.

While I want to make the process as smooth and fun as possible, I want you to know that I will not lose site of the fact that I am assisting you in the purchase of Real Estate, which involves a knowledge of customary practice, what creates a binding contract, and the laws that govern each step of the process.

Protecting your interests means more than promising not to divulge confidential and material information, it means knowing when contingencies throughout the process are to be met according to the contract, educating you so that you can make an informed and timely decision in each step of the process, and making sure the other parties- your Lender, Escrow, and the Listing Agent- act in accordance with the customary practice and the law, and are true to the express intent of the contract agreed upon.

What I will do for you:
• Detailed Property Searches/ Info
• Great Lender/Inspector/Appraisal/ Title company contacts.
• Agent to Agent negotiations
• Contract writing and assistance
• 24 hour support up to and through the Close of Escrow

As always, please feel free to email or call me with any questions you might have.
Thank you!

Tom Morrissey
eXp Realty
400 TradeCenter Suite 5900
Woburn, MA 01801